What is a CV?

Step 1 - What is a CV? My Southampton Jobs

CV is short for curriculum vitae, meaning course of life. If you look up definitions for curriculum vitae / CV, it is commonly thought to be a summary of someones education, their qualifications, and their professional history.

This is what most people think, and when they write their CV, most people write it with this definition in mind.

Nothing wrong with that you would think. And to some extent it is true that the heart of a CV should be about someones work experience. However, just because there is a commonly agreed definition of CV, which most people understand, this does not necessarily mean that you have to write your CV to fit in with the definition.

A great many people concentrate so hard on writing all about their work experience and education that they forget that the main purpose of a CV is to get them the job!

The importance of your CV - Your CV can change your life

In many cases your job/career choice can be one of the most important decisions you ever make. Like marriage, career choices change lives; for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer. You therefore need to choose both carefully and wisely.

Most peoples working lives last 45 to 50 years. The vast majority of people will spend more time working and travelling to work than they will spend time relaxing, having fun or enjoying life.

One of the most important documents you will ever need if you are to change your career for the better is your CV. The quality of your CV can sometimes be pivotal in deciding whether or not you land your dream job. You therefore need more than just a good CV, you need one which will stand out above the crowd and get you noticed.

Consider the Competiton - My Southampton Jobs

The job sector is highly competitive, and it is more competitive the higher you climb up the career ladder. It is no longer a case of submitting a CV which simply summarizes your qualifications and work experience. To gain the upper hand over the competition these days you need a CV which is superior to that of your competitors. Failure to address this point may result in you missing out on your dream job.

No matter how well suited you are for the job you should never underestimate the competition, or the fact that your CV needs to be at least a strong, or preferably stronger than that of the other applicants.

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